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Tal'shen managed to knock the weapon out of Maya's hand with one of the human's mangled arms. The dazzling scales rapidly formed up Paul's—no, Tal'shen's—face. The sacs that had popped on Paul's shoulders were now slowly reforming to create more tentacles. The remaining hand now had sharp talons that it used to swipe at Maya. Maya dodged the claws and made for the door. Tal'shen insisted that Maya stay by wrapping its claws around her ankle and tripping her.

"StAy!" Tal'shen grunted. The whites of its eyes were burning red. "LYsAnnA nEeDS yOu!"

"Well, I don't need her!" Maya said.

A viscous black matter bubbled out of the gaping flesh on Paul's forearm, and formed a gummy but strong hand in place of the weak one that now lay limp on the floor. When Tal'shen grabbed Maya's other ankle, Maya found it impossible to pull herself out of the creature's grip; it was as if the substance was some type of glue. Then the gooey substance started to engulf all of the wounds on Paul's body to start repairing the damage to the host.

"I jUSt WaNt To LivE iN tHe LigHT!!" Tal'shen gurgled. The black substance began to bubble up out of its throat.

"Bugger off!" Maya screamed, thrashing in its grip. "You're an abomination!"

"sO aRe YoU!"

Maya reached for her curved blade, but just at that moment, the sacs on Tal'shen's bloodied shoulders ballooned to their maximum size and burst. The tentacles were much stronger than they had been before. One of them grabbed the curved blade and firmly pressed it against Maya's throat. It backed her up into a corner only a few feet away from the open door. Maya tried to keep her composure, but it was clear in her eyes that she knew there was no hope of escape.

Tal'shen leered at Maya the best it could with a beak. "Oh Maya," it said with Paul's vocal chords. "Why not join us? Don't you want to make our race stronger? We could have London by the end of this month."

"I'll destroy myself before I ever join you!" Maya cried, her heart cold with fear.

"Why? Are you too attached to these humans now?"

Maya looked away. Blood rushed to her face as tears began to brim around her bottom eyelids. Tal'shen widened Paul's eyes with realization and wrinkled its nose in repulsion.

"You're……infatuated with one of them, aren't you?"
Tal'shen has gained control over Paul's body and is stronger than ever.
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November 29, 2012
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